The Shadow Inside

Humans are a very complex yet simple creation of this universe. We are all so similar yet so different and unique. Inside all of us sits the shadowlands, a place where our pain sits and lives. Many of us have no clue how to begin unpacking this part of ourselves. It’s difficult when we live in a society that does not teach us how to honor and nurture these parts.

Every single one of us has endured pain of some sort, there is no escaping suffering in this world unfortunately. But this is not a bad thing! What would happen if we were conditioned to view experiences as neither good nor bad, but just as experience. What would our view of pain change too?

In all my experiences within myself and interacting with others in this world I see a common theme. Holding onto our pain. Somewhere along the way we were told that misery loves company. Instead of celebrating and bringing each other up, we decided it was easier to sink lower and become heavy. There are beings that struggle to celebrate and see the good in others achievements. I know I’m guilty of experiencing that feeling too, especially when I am deep in my pit of sorrow. But what would happen if we learned to let go of our egos in this way and allow ourselves to feel joy? How many more things would we celebrate?

For most of us, we do not go deeply into all the parts of ourselves. The shadowlands need attention and care because if we neglect them, they become over grown and rule our minds. If you are going through hell, don't stop. Keep finding ways to free yourself from the heaviness inside you. Let go of the pain, and the suffering. It is only weighing you down, and it is okay to let it go. You are not your trauma, you are not your pain. Every moment that you make time to be present with yourself the more light you can shine into your darkness. You have a choice in how you live your life, and how you emotionally respond to the things that happen to you. You may not have control over what happens, but you have control over how you feel. You deserve to experience joy. It is your birth right!

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